I'll be that friend you never wanted

I'll be that friend you never wanted

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The young and the breastless.

Sooooooo.....   background knowledge:

I've recently managed to acquire a new friend. For privacy purposes we'll call her E. Her names not really E, its Emily just so were clear. Emily is cool.

But shit sonss, this E chick has one trait that I can't stand.. HER SPELLING. I know I have no room to talk. I was recently and quite rudely informed that one of my post has over 66 spelling mistakes!

 I understood his concern, so I politely apologized and politely informed him to go suck a nipple. ...Any ways he took this the completely wrong way and was in short furious. If anyone happens to know this guy, please, tell him that to me, the phrase go suck a nipple is one of understanding and a way to convey my good wishes. Cause really, think back, is there a time NOW that is as happy as the time when you lounged at your mothers bussom?

Moving on! This lady writes sentences with utter disregard for ... well English. 
Everyday joe sentense   ----> I'm going to the store.
Her ----->  . g2 str.

WTTTFTFTFTFTF??!?!?! just typing it made me want to wet myself a little. 0_o Why are you abbreviation I'm? It's only to letters. To and the seemed to stop existing. Did they lack the will or perseverance to carry on? As a citizen of .. Canada, I"m doing my best to fix this heinous crime, andddd I'm logging in the time for volunteer services. 

So to sum it all for her.. i sent her THAT PIC ABOVE.

LOL imagine if that happened in real life. Wow women would be smart. 0_0. Id cry if someone came and took my boobs. I mean if I casually lost or misplaced them...meh. but taking .. that a whole new level of bullying. 

And really, how are people suppose to make the world a better place without nipples. 
Here some homework for you. Next time your life is in the shits... go suck a nipple. Fail a test , get dumped, lost tetris.. nipple nipple NIPPLES. Your mothers, ,your own, your fathers, sister or friends. It ain't hard! Everybodys got them! EQUAL OPPORTUNITY

I'm telling you things would be different if more people spent some quality bonding time with some nipple. Like Hitler, now that dude needed a breast real bad. Try sucking one and see if it don't change the perspective of your life. Its simple. ITS HARD TO TAKE OVER THE WORD WHEN UR SUCKING NIPPLE. It just don't fly. 

THESIS: Our intrinsic value is born from our chest. And no. It's not the heart. 

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